Flex Projector is a document-based application—each open window is a map document that you can save to a file. Use the File–Save and File-Save As commands to save the map in the foreground window as a text file that contains all values that define the projection. You can open a previously saved file with File–Open.

The graphic user interface of Flex Projector is comprised of three components:

Map – The world map in the upper left corner opens with the familiar Robinson projection as the default.

Flex Projection Panel – To the right of the map is the Flex Projection panel with sliders that control the shape of the projection. Moving any of the sliders results in an immediate change to the Robinson projection, which then ceases to be a Robinson projection and starts on its way to becoming an entirely new projection.

Distortion Table – Below the map is the Distortion table, which reports in real-time the amount of distortion contained in the modified “Flex” projection, including comparisons to common world map projections.

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