Download Flex Projector 1.0.6 of 2 April 2017 for your operating system from GitHub.

Read the Change Log to learn what's new in this version, and the List of Known Bugs for current limitations.

Flex Projector requires the Java Virtual Machine version 8 or higher to run and a monitor with at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

Source code is available on Github. © Bernie Jenny.


Java JAR file for Linux and other operating systems.
To launch on Linux, cd to the folder containing the JAR file and type
java -jar -Xmx1000m FlexProjector.jar
Download the latest version of Java from Sun if it's not installed or outdated.


You may have to install Java to run Flex Projector. See the FAQs if you have problems launching Flex Projector on OS X.


You may have to install Java to run Flex Projector